This Comenius multilateral project wants to bring an international group of young people, age 15 to 19, on the verge of choosing for a higher education, in contact with state of the art science and medical research in Europe.

Our Goal Sint-Lodewijkscollege

Sint-Lodewijks Group Picture

Seeing you arrived on this page, must mean you're interested in our project, well, so are we. But who are we?

We are students and teachers from Belgium, more precise, from Bruges and its surroundings. Our goal as coordinating school is to establish friendship with the other participating schools in France, Germany, Sweden and Slovakia and to exchange our knowledge about physics of elementary particles, the heart of the matter, and about the biology and history of the human heart.

Together we'll do an expedition throughout Europe and visit  several important scientific research centres. First we have an expedition towards Slovakia to visit a world famous sun observatory . Later on we'll go to the famous cardiac facility at the OLV hospital in Aalst, the EMBL in Heidelberg and to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva and tons of other scienctific stuff.

We hope you'll enjoy the site, that you gain knowledge and support us throughout the project.

~ The students and teachers of Sint-Lodewijkscollege in Bruges